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Working with paper and ceramics, I create relief and free-standing sculptures that embody my ecstatic response to an abundantly animate world. Vibrant paper cutouts unfurl in meandering webs, diorama-like niches enfold layered microcosms, and inscribed clay figures encode biological processes. Coalescing ancient ritual objects and iconography with current scientific research, the sculptures are tactile transmissions of interspecies narratives such as pollination, food webs, and life cycles.


Rejecting the paradigm of environment as inert, expendable, and severed from humanity, my work underscores the mythic and mystical dimensions of ecological stories. My formal choices are influenced by the numinous compositions of modern spiritualist painters, the kaleidoscopic visions of medieval illuminators, and the interspecies reverence of neolithic and bronze age artifacts. In particular, I am drawn to expand on the mythology and imagery of cultures that practiced ecological interdependence, gender liberation, and class egalitarianism, or movements that fought to enact these principles.

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